Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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Murder Becomes ManhattanTwenty years ago, a congresswoman was assassinated while vacationing in the wine country of Mendocino County, California. For weeks, the authorities were stumped as to who committed the murder, and why.

Across the Atlantic, a college student at Cambridge who was raised in California was following the case intently. Following every detail about the assassination that was published, and doing some online research of his own, Dalton Lee deduced the assassin’s identity. In doing so, he brought to its knees an eerie cult intent on subverting Western societies from within.

That cult laid low for many years, switching its emphasis to the kidnapping of individuals who somehow got in their way. Among those taken hostage were the parents of Dalton Lee, who has subsequently become one of the world's pre-eminent architects.

But a couple of years ago in Manhattan, the cult amped up its reign of terror by murdering a universally beloved socialite in the very hotel where Lee and his associates were unveiling their plans for a new Midtown skyscraper. Lee is asked to join the murder investigation and, in so doing, he resumes his quest to stop The Organization from succeeding in a nefarious plot to overtake New York City.

Before they had to confront that Murder Becomes Miami, The Lee Group grappled with the fact that Murder Becomes Manhattan.

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