Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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Meet the DetectivesTo outsiders, The Lee Group is one of the world's most prestigious architectural firms. Under the supervision of legendary architect and urban planner Dalton Lee, its employees have designed buildings that are among the world's most prominent and praised.

However, The Lee Group is also an association of individuals united by a secret tragedy. Their projects worldwide offer a cover for them to undertake their real agenda – stopping an international cult that's committed to overthrowing all democracies and capitalistic economies. And rescuing those the cult has taken hostage over the years.

In Murder Becomes Miami, the members of The Lee Group learn that the group has brought its revolution to South Florida. Will the detectives be able to determine which suspect in their murder investigation is connected to the cult and stop a brutal terrorist attack before it devastates the region?

Learn more about:

Dalton Lee
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Lara Järvinen
Senior Principal / Partner

Warren Jackson
Department Head

Bree Westerman
Senior Project Architect

  Roberto Bermudez
Senior Designer

Liam Wilding
Research Associate

Irene Park
Research Assistant

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