Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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Miami Beach Art Deco
The Fontainebleau Hotel
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Meet Liam
Liam WildingLiam Wilding
Research Associate
The Lee Group

Born and Raised
Queensland, Australia.

Bachelor's in Microbiology, University of Queensland. Master's in Adaptive Architecture and Computation, University of London

Key Achievements
Possesses extensive knowledge in the areas of cybercrime, cyberattacks, and the tools and techniques one can use to repel them.

Relationship Status

Hobbies and Favorites
Surfing and anything else having to do with the beach.

Quotes from the Book
"Been to Japan once, but that was only for a few days. Went there to study the biology of some of the anemones around the islands in the south. Got totally rotten the one night I spent in Tokyo. Can't remember a thing about that."

"I know what you think. And I know why you think it. But, Bree it's important you understand that not all us blokes are beasts."

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