Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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Miami Beach Art Deco
The Fontainebleau Hotel
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Meet Roberto
Roberto BermudezRoberto Bermudez
Senior Designer
The Lee Group

Born and Raised
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and Orlando, Florida.

AS degree, graphic & interactive design, Valencia College.

Key Achievements
Assisted Dalton with the design and execution of several of the world's most progressive structures, including airport terminals, performance halls, office buildings and government buildings.

Relationship Status

Hobbies and Favorites
Thrift shops. Prefers walking or some form of mass transit over use of car.

Quotes from the Book
"Here is what I need you to do. I need you to listen. To every conversation you hear around here. Watch everything that is going on. It is possible you will hear something or see something that will help us figure out who killed Señor Valenzuela."

"She's ten and she's excited about having a jump rope to play with. How pitiful is that?"

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