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Mn Murder Becomes Miami, someone murders Vic Valenzuela, a college football coach who has just been found not guilty in the murder of his wife and her lover.

A cryptic note left on his body indicates his murder was at the hands of someone associated with a global cult dedicated to bringing down free societies worldwide. Apparently, the football coach somehow interfered with a terrorist plot they are about to unleash on South Florida.

Who within Vic Valenzuela's circle committed the murder … and how was he connected to the terror they are about to inflict?

Here are brief profiles of several key suspects The Lee Group encounter in their investigations. Is the murderer one of these individuals, or someone more on the edge of the scene?

  Astrid Steinberg
Age: 51
Occupation: Art gallery owner

Her sister was married to the victim and (many believe) killed by him. So why was Ms. Steinberg making payments to the victim's defense team?
  Danielo Duran
Age: 49
Occupation: Furniture store owner

His son was having an affair with the victim's wife and paid the ultimate price for that. Mr. Duran harbors a lot of rage over that and takes unexplained trips during the middle of the night.
  Ashley Taymore
Age: 27
Occupation: The victim's personal assistant

She has a fierce loyalty to her deceased employer but has no worthwhile alibi for where she was on the night of his murder.
  Hayden Haas
Age: 47
Occupation: Middle school football coach

He was fired by the victim a few years ago and stalked him for some time after that. On the night of the murder, he was attending a coaching clinic miles away, but video footage says otherwise.
  Todd Cavender
Age: 30
Occupation: Sportswriter

He was in the middle of writing the victim's biography when the murder took place. He has a lot of dish about the victim and yet takes off on a flight in the opposite direction of where he told investigators he was headed.
  Lyndsey Frantzen
Age: 24
Occupation: Prostitute

She was seen entering the victim's cabana on the night of the murder, but no one ever saw her leave.
  Jamal Culberson
Age: 21
Occupation: College football player

He was one of several players on the victim's team who was frolicking with the prostitute in the cabana on the night of the murder. He took his teammates back to campus once the party was over, but can't prove where he was when the murder occurred.
  Margarida Diaz
Age: 47
Occupation: The victim's housekeeper

She has worked for the victim for many years and saw many strange things take place the night he was murdered. But her mysterious approach to investigators makes them wonder if she can be trusted.
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