Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

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The Murder Scene
Miami Beach Art Deco
The Fontainebleau Hotel
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Vesper Martini
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Meet Warren
Warren JacksonWarren Jackson
Department Head
The Lee Group

Born and Raised
Barbados. Currently lives in Toronto.

BAS degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

Key Achievements
Assisted Dalton with the design and execution of several of the world's most progressive structures, including airport terminals, performance halls, office buildings and government buildings.

Relationship Status
Married. Two kids.

Hobbies and Favorites
Jogging and hockey.

Quotes from the Book
"I wouldn't rule out Valenzuela's assistant, the blonde. Remember, she doesn't really have an alibi for where she was that night. Besides, we all know how blondes can be."

"I like you too. A lot. More than I thought I would ever like someone again. More than I thought I could like someone … period. I like you more than I can bear."

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