Murder Becomes Manhattan A Dalton Lee Mystery

The Detectives
The Victim
The Suspects

The Murder Scene
Miami Beach Art Deco
The Fontainebleau Hotel
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Make a Delicious
Vesper Martini
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on The Lee Group
Visit the Murder Scene
The winningest college football coach of all time, Vic Valenzuela, is found murdered in the bedroom of his palatial estate in Coral Gables, a suburb of Miami.

During the night, someone carefully scales the wall that surrounds his estate, climbs up a trellis to his open bedroom window, sneaks into the room and stabs him several times.

Which of the many prime suspects interviewed by federal agents and The Lee Group is responsible for the murder? And how is his death connected to a terrorist plot about to be unveiled by The Organization? You'll have to purchase Murder Becomes Miami to find out.

Until then, take a look at Valenzuela's home and the bedroom in which he met his demise.

Vic Valenzuela's estate
Vic Valenzuela's estate

Vic Valenzuela's bedroom
Vic Valenzuela's bedroom
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